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Magic Wand Rechargeable Cordless Ultra Powerful...

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Our testers agreed that no toy offers the same level of power and intensity as the Magic Wand.You can shake your whole house from its very foundations with the jaw-rattling judder of this extra-powerful wand. Your cordless Magic Wand harnesses AC power from the wall before firing it out in 8 vibration styles. Brace yourself.

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Eye’ve Been Siimed!

When I saw the Siime Eye for the first time, it got my inner anatomy nerd completely jazzed. A video camera that will allow you to see the inside of your own vagina?! Yeaaaaah… Sign. Me. UP!!!

If you want to see all the fascinating things on the inside of your body. This Siime vagina cam is the one for you. You will find the power of the camera function, That’s where this baby really shines.

this cam is not ONLY good for the inside of the vagina. There are all KINDS of other interesting places you can explore if you use your imagination a bit! Some one captured the great external footage of the vulva with their squirting, and was also able to easily see the head of the G-spot.

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