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Crystal Blue Dog Dildo Realistic

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The Dog Dildo is perfect for all your furry fantasies! Inspired by an actual dog penis, this dildo has a tapered tip, fur-inspired texture along the shaft and base for uninterrupted animalistic pleasure! Once that knot is inside you, you can enjoy the most fur-filling erotic sensations imaginableļ¼

Heartley Uncut Dual Layered Silicone Realistic...

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Availability: 50 In Stock

This toy will give you an experience like no other. With a realistic retractable foreskin and an extra-strong suction cup, this bad boy provides you with hours of slip and slide fun.

With its innovative foreskin and authentic detailing, this dong offers unrivalled realism. Pop it in warm water prior to play to bring the skin to a believable body temperature for an even better true-to-life experience!

Availability: 49 In Stock

Uniquely designed, this adventurous animal dildo features a big bulging ball sack, tongue detail on the underside of the shaft and spine detail along either side and top. This deviant dragon dildo guarantees to give you fire in the belly!

Kevin 8 Inch Dark Brown Dual-layer Silicone Dildo

Regular price 39.99 Price 29.99 -25%
Availability: 55 In Stock

The 8" Kevin Dong gives you all you can handle! Sculpted for super-realism and uniquely curved for maximum sensations! The 8" flexible rubber shaft and heavy balls feel like the real deal! Plus, the strong suction base gives you hands-free pleasure anywhere! Use it for anal or vaginal satisfaction!

Heartley Lifelike Realistic Black King Silicone...

Regular price 57.99 Price 40.59 -30%
Availability: 97 In Stock

Crafted from super-realistic skin, this popular black dong King Lover features a suction cup base and boldly defined head to make stimulation easy-peasy. Standing magnificently erect on top of its swollen balls, its firm, erect shaft is throbbing with veins that lead all the way up to a proud, bulbous head. With a suction cup base for play options aplenty.

Availability: 100 In Stock

Enjoy hands free fun with this 7.87 inch thick realistic jelly dildo. Attach the secure suction cup base to any non-porous surface and rick, ride, and thrust your way to ecstasy. Lifelike shaft, head, and balls feel just like the real thing for fantasy penetration every time.

Mini Ultra Veined Realistic Beginner Jelly Dildo

Regular price 17.97 Price 12.58 -30%
Availability: 60 In Stock

This slim dildo is perfect for first time sex toy users or anal play!
Beginner-friendly dildo with a slender, flexible shaft!
Realistic veins and penis tip give you a lifelike feel!
Balls give you something to hold onto so you can control the motion!
100% waterproof and easy to clean!
Great for realistic anal stimulation to intensify your orgasm!
Get your favorite color home NOW!

8 inch Real Feel Curved Ultra Realistic...

Regular price 49.99 Price 29.99 -40%
Availability: 60 In Stock

We're not giving you some cock-and-bull story, this is the real deal. 8 powerful inches of cock AND ball, complete with solid suction cup and 12 frequency vibrations to send you to heaven and back. You'll be giving excuses not to leave the house for days...
Powerful suction cup base gives you hands-free fun however if you want more control of this beast, simple unscrew the sucker base and use the dildo manually. The vibrations will keep coursing through the cock to give you multispeed mega pleasure.

Availability: 10 In Stock

A dildo so heavy it has its own gravitational field, a massive 13 inches of black cock await anyone brave enough to take on its deeply veined challenge. Balls with a suction base add to the self-satisfying features this awesome cock has to offer. Now's your chance to own a piece of the action!

Thrusting and Rotating Dildo Vibrator 10 inch

Regular price 76.90 Price 49.99 -35%
Availability: 27 In Stock

Realistic thrusting and rotating dildo for ultra-satisfying intimate play
Raised veins, a lifelike head and balls deliver delightfully authentic sensations
Crafted from super-silky silicone for sumptuous, lifelike sensations
Strong suction cup offers hands-free fun, and harness compatibility for pleasure with a partner

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