Perfectly Contoured Semi-Arced Head Design

This is a journey of silicone art, Keri comes in an extremely beautiful contoured semi-arced shape.

Perfectly Contoured Semi-Arced Head Design clitoral vibe

Slim Body For Easy Entrance

Keri's body is very slim, so it is easy for Keri and him to enter at the same time, providing special feeling for both you and your partner.

Slim Body For Easy Entrance clitoral stimulator

Partial Vibration

Keri has a slim body, amazing thing about it is that only the upper part(massaging part) is vibrating, instead of vibrating of the whole vibrator. Therefore, the vibration is more focus on the clitoris or the g spot, also it will cause no numb feeling to your hand.

Partial Vibration clitoral vibe

100% Waterproof

Keri is 100% waterproof sex toy for women made up of body safe silicone. So you can take things to the bath or pool with no worries. Of course cleaning will be easy..

100% Waterproof clitoral vibe for woman

Elegant Stainless Steel Tail End

SVAKOM added some stainless steel element at the bottom to Keri which brings its appearance to a higher level.

Elegant Stainless Steel Tail End clitoral vibe for woman

One Button Controls All Pleasure

Keri has one button, which is very simple to use. Press the S button 2 seconds to turn on / off; Single-click the S button to switch intensities; Double-click the S button to switch vibration modes

One Button Controls All Pleasure women using vibrator

Pinhole Charging Cable

Keri is fully rechargeable vibrator for women and will last hours before it needs to be recharged which means limitless pleasure for hours on an end.

Keri has a battery capacity of 200 mAh.

Keri will last for 2 hours on a single charge of about 1 hour. What's amazing about Keri is that her charging cable is an unique pinhole charging cable.

Pinhole Charging Cable cheap vibrator

25 Vibrations Frequency cheap vibrator for sale

Whisper Quiet

SVAKOM selected the high quality motor through strict process, it has to be powerful, it has to be quiet, it also has to be long lifespan. Keri's voice of under 50 db after it's turned on, you can barely hear anything from beyond 1 meter distance.

Whisper Quiet clitoral vibe

clitoral stimulation

Environment Friendly Material

Keri is made of environment friendly silicone, it past all the strict tests and reached high standard before going to the market.

Environment Friendly Material clitoral vibe

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