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The perfume you wear can be the difference between wooing the apple of your eye... and having the world impose a 1 mile restraining order on you. Why take the risk when you can wear this pheromone-infused perfume that's backed by SCIENCE?! Designed to work with your individual skin type and create a totally unique, personalized aroma, this pheromone-infused scent enhances what nature gave you to supersize your powers of seduction. With velvety notes of jasmine, sandalwood and florals, topped with a hint of vanilla, this perfume will please your nose as well as everyone else's!
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Essential Info
Pharmacy Features: Alcohol-Free, Condom-Safe, Fast-Acting, Suitable for Vegetarians
Pharmacy Function: Pheromone
Pharmacy drug type: Spray 

Ingredients: Parfum(Fragrance),Essential Oils, Aqua(Water), dipropylene glycol, Human pheromones, methyl dihydrojasmonate, Polyoxyethylene sorbitan monolaurate. 

Warm Note:
For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep away from naked flame or direct heat sources. Do not apply to sensitive skin. Do not apply to broken or inflamed skin. If irritation develops, reduce frequency or discontinue use.

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